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FAQ Questions What #RECALP stands for

Welcome to #RECALP2017

Here comes the next generation youth summit whose mission is to Raise new generation of champions that will change the world with God’s oriented culture, ethics and attitude. You might be wondering what RECALP is.

RECALP stands for Relationship, Entrepreneur, Career, Leadership, Politics. This summit is aimed at Connecting youths to the new pathways of greatness through God’s word there raising future champions.

Frequently Asked Questions About RECALP

How do I register?

It is simple as 123. Simply visit www.recalp.org and click the register button.

Do I have to pay to register?

Registration as a participant is absolutely free.

How do I confirm my registration?

You should get a success message after registering. Proceed to your email for details of your seat number.

What if i mistakenly delete my confirmation email?

Relax, take a cup of coffee, simply send an email to info@recalp.org, be sure to get a response from us..

Do I have to print my acknowledgement mail?

No, all you have to do is note your seat number as that will be required during verification upon arrival at the venue.

Who can attend Recalp?

RECALP is for everyone most especially youths.

What do I stand to gain after this program?

A whole lot! Opportunity to learn from experts and ask questions begging for answers.

What do i do if i am unable to complete my registration?

Simply send a text message to 08092224575, 08038884965 or email our admin on info@recalp.org

What if i am unable to register?

We got you covered! Our team would be on seat to assist you with registration on that day.

When is the date and time?

The date is 29th of May 2017 and the time is 8am.

Where is the venue for this program?

Kindly refer to our contact page for directions.

Can I invite my friends?

Sure you can, kindly feel free to register them on the site.

Can I get a job at the venue?

Unfortunately no! But be sure to get all the information you need for getting the job of your dreams, how to structure your CV and lots more.

Is there room for sponsorship/partnership?

Yes, we would like to partner with you. Simply contact our team via info@recalp.org

What if I am unable to attend?

Recalp is youth centric, we would be live on all our social media pages. Also, the event will be streamed live to thousands of online audiences.

Can I advertise my products/services at the event?

Yes! The possibilities are endless... you will be able to reach out to over 1,000 participants. Kindly contact our team via info@recalp.org for more information.

Can I be a volunteer?

Yes, next year promises to be big and better, the link to register as a volunteer would be available on our site.

Are you online?

YES! 24/7, feel free to reach us on all our social media pages.
Twitter: @recalp_nextgen
Facebook: RecalpNextgen
Instagram: Recalp_nextgen
Email: info@recalp.org